After falling head over heels for Fight Club, I devoured everything I could get my hands on that had Chuck Palahniuk's name on it. At one point, I think I was even on the street team (although I have no memory of signing up for it), as I kept getting strange promotional items in the mail. So, hearing that Choke was going to be the next Palahniuk book to hit the big screen, I was stricken with a mixture of anxiety and excitement. Hearing that Clark Gregg adapted, directed, and acted in the film helped my hopes, as did the images released from set.

Now, we finally have something substantial to check out, courtesy of Rope of Silicon. Go here, and you can see a Sundance Channel clip about Choke, which features Gregg discussing the film, some silent clips matched with his words, and then a bit with Victor Mancini at his sexual addiction meeting. The silent nibbles include some reenactment footage, restaurant footage, and Denny's masturbation, but it's the meeting clip that has me sold. It has that frank, black humor present in Fight Club, but a little less flashy, and a little more raw and funny.

In his interview, Gregg discusses staying up all night to read the book, and says he thought: "No one else is going to agree with me, but there's a movie here, and no one else is going to agree with me, but I'm the only person who should make this." Stay tuned for our Sundance review and see if Gregg is right. In the meantime, I'm going to keep hoping that Invisible Monsters is next.