No, not that Elvis. Former New York Times film critic, interviewer and all-around smart guy Elvis Mitchell is in town for his movie, The Black List, directed by renowned photographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders. I sat down with the filmmakers this afternoon for a cozy chat at the EW Cafe down at Kimball Art Center to talk about their film. A panel discussion got out just as we were starting, and Greenfield-Sanders amused Mitchell and me by going into director mode and redirecting a crowd of talkers away from us so we could do the interview. He did it so nicely that I'm not sure they even knew they'd just been told where to move by a stranger. I'll have the interview written up as soon as I can; for now I'll just tell you that they were charming and engaging and we had a great conversation that ranged from politics to segregation to what it's like to live in the Bible Belt.

In other Sundance news: Okay, I know I said I wasn't going to be that person who complains about the free shuttles here, but what the hell is up with them this year? There seem to be fewer shuttles running, they aren't on any kind of predictable schedule, and the traffic is way worse than last year too. I had to wait 45 minutes for a shuttle to Main Street this afternoon ... last year I never waited longer than 10-15 minutes, max. If you're here at Sundance, make sure to allow lots of extra travel time, because a bunch of people on the shuttle I was on this afternoon missed a screening because of the shuttles and traffic.

Celeb spotting today: Passed by Mary -Kate Olsen on my way to The Black List interview. The two older women behind me were all kinds of excited at their spotting. "Omigosh, was that an Olsen twin? I think that was an Olsen twin! But which one was it?" I told them it was Mary-Kate, and then one of them said, "Mary-Kate, now is she the skinny one or the less-skinny one?" Also, Erik Childress and I are 99% certain we saw Kirsten Dunst checking in at the front desk when we walked back into the hotel a few minutes ago.