The place to see and be seen last night was the Alamo Drafthouse/Magnolia party celebrating Nacho Vigalondo's Timecrimes. In Vigalondo's honor, the ubiquitous meat-on-a-stick was replaced with gourmet nachos that were truly fabulous. I'm talking nachos topped with giant prawns, and crab, and various other meats, all paired with other toppings. The beer and scotch was flowing, the disco ball was glowing and the karaoke machine was getting one hell of a workout.

Vigalondo was on hand and all fired up -- he and Michael Lerman treated the crowd to song after energetic song, complete with dancing -- I particularly enjoyed Lerman's rendition of "It's Raining Men." SXSW head honcho Matt Dentler was a hit with "Common People." Not to be outdone, Cinematical was well-represented, with James Rocchi tackling Liz Phair, and former EIC Karina Longworth rocking the house with some "Rock Lobster."

A party just isn't a party until the fire trucks show up and some fireman are trooping up the stairs; who knew that the fog machine set on overdrive really could set off the fire alarm? Yeah, the fire marshal was loving this party. The taxis were lined up down the block dropping people off. We heard later on that some poor guy wandered out onto the deck in search of a beer and a smoke, and promptly walked right into the hottub, coat and all. I think half of Sundance showed up for this party. In addition to all the aforementioned party animals, I saw the indieWIRE gang, Rachel Grady and Heidi Ewing, and then Morgan Spurlock showed up too! That house was rocking. Eric Snider, EFilmcritic's Erik Childress and I bailed at 1AM, and the party was just warming up. I bet a lot of people are gonna be missing those early morning screenings today ...

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