So, Kim already told you about the insanity going on at last night's Alamo/Magnolia party. It was held at this massive condo with five floors, with lots of action taking place on each level. And the Nachos! Holy crap, were they good. Each tray had several layers of junk on them; no one knew what the hell they were eating, but man, did they hit the spot. Highlights for me include meeting David Wain, Morgan Spurlock (who injured his hand snowboarding prior to the big debut of his much-buzzed about flick Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden?) and Michael Paul Stevenson, who's currently in the middle of directing that sweet-looking Troll 2 flick (Best Worst Film) we told you about recently. I met several more people, though I don't remember any names (it was that kind of night if you know what I mean). But props go out to Alamo Drafthouse's Tim League for doing a bang-up job as MC, and for pimping out a Hulk-a-Mania t-shirt all night long.

The line of the night, though, belongs to Scott Weinberg. While chatting with Spurlock in a small circle of friends, Weinberg blurted out, "So Morgan, can you f**king tell us already -- did you find him or not?" There was this awkward pause before Weinberg continued with ... "Did you find the f**king Cloverfield monster, Morgan? Did you?!" I guess you had to be there with beer in hand, but nevertheless I'm still chuckling about it this morning. Today I have three films: American Son, Dear Zachary (Slamdance film with crazy buzz right now) and Bigger, Stronger Faster. Then I shall attempt to drag my ass to the Bigger, Stronger Faster party, though I'm neither strong nor fast -- so we'll see. Look for more pics from last night's party (courtesy of Weinberg) real soon.