He grew up in terrible conditions; he directed great movies; his wife was murdered; he fled the country; he made some more good movies. Roman Polanski's life story sounds like it would make a great film, and Marina Zenovich focused on one aspect to make her documentary, Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired. The film had its World Premiere at Sundance on Friday night, and instantly sparked a bidding war. The Weinstein Co. won, according to Variety.

Anne Thompson's article says that The Weinstein Co. nabbed all international rights and is still on the hunt for domestic rights. You'd think they would have the inside track, but evidently Focus Features is still dueling with the Weinsteins for the US distribution deal.

Zenovich's doc "reveals that justice may not have been served when Polanski was convicted of unlawful intercourse with a minor." Zenovich actually re-opened the case by talking to all the principals, including Polanski's attorney and the trial judge. The director has been in exile from the United States for 30 years. Based on the notoriety of the case, Variety speculates that the doc "will certainly generate media coverage." That may help the doc to break through in the currently-gloomy theatrical market for documentaries. Look for a review of the doc shortly, right here at Cinematical.

UPDATE:Anne Thompson at Varietyreports that HBO Documentary Films has secured North American rights in a separate deal that was closed on Saturday night. However, the movie may not get a theatrical release after all; more details in her story.