He's haute couture! He's ready-to-wear! He's Valentino. Whether you're into the world of fashion, or run the opposite way when the models strut their stuff down the runway, you've probably heard of the famous designer. He made many of the outfits Jacqueline Kennedy wore (including the dress she wore to her wedding to Aristotle Onassis), and for younger crowds, he popped up in The Devil Wears Prada. Now The Hollywood Reporter has posted that his life will hit the big screen in the upcoming documentary -- Valentino: The Last Emperor.

The film was directed by Matt Tyrnauer, who is also a special correspondent for Vanity fair, and it will cover the designer's relationships and 45-year career "on the eve of his last haute couture show" -- which is happening this Wednesday in Paris. Tyrnauer has spent the last two years shooting over 250 hour of footage, and says: "We were let into the inner circle, but we had to stick it out for a long time -- practically move in -- to capture the truly great moments. Valentino is surrounded by a tight-knit family of friends and workers, but, eventually, their guard came down and they forgot there was a camera crew in the room."

With the film about to wrap, it is said to be ready for festivals this Spring, with a May debut at Cannes. Stay tuned!
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