We're all wondering what Steven Spielberg cooked up for this fourth installment, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, almost 20 years after the so-called Last Crusade. Can Harrison Ford stay up to the Indy challenge, being in his 60s and all? Will we buy Shia LaBeouf as his Mutt son? Will Cate, Ray, and Jim make this puppy worth it, or are some much-loved, mega-blockbusters better left in the past?

Well, we won't find out for sure until May 22, when the film is released. However, the days are ticking away, and a trailer has to be on its way. According to the folks over at CHUD, it will be the day of love, February 14 -- on Entertainment Tonight. At least, they'll be teasing it. It's also said to be popping up in theaters that day. For folks adamant that they don't want to watch ET, or brave the theaters full of people smooching, you can stay up late and get ready to hit refresh as the 14th slides into the 15th and the trailer pops up on the film's official website.

For now, you can check out a tour of Indy's home over at the film's website. It's just a brief featurette where production designer Guy Hendrix Dyas takes you through the new home, and how things have changed since Raiders of the Lost Ark. [via Coming Soon]