The rule here at Sundance is to eat whenever you get the chance because you don't know when your next meal will come. Ideally, you want to try to get your grub for free; most of the parties put out food and people are always giving away something for nothing, as long as you wear a button or take a flier. The food of choice, that I've noticed, has been pizza. Coming from New York, I'm always scared when I have to eat pizza out of state -- and I can't imagine Utah is known for their pies. (I actually asked someone what Utah was known for, and no one seems to know. There's some kind of dish with potatoes, I think, but yeah ... who knows?) Thus, it's been my mission since arriving here in Park City to locate the best pizza.

So far, I think I've found it in Davanza's. Situated just off of Main Street, Davanza's is this really cool little place that's constantly packed with people. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pics of the food (because I was starving and devoured it all), but you can check out some photos of the inside in the gallery below. The unbelievable mozzarella sticks are highly recommended, and at $3.50 you can't beat it. The pizza is reasonably priced as well, with a large pie costing roughly $16. You can also suck down a few pints as you wait, and I also caught a look at the onion rings, which, honestly, looked incredible. So check it out if you're in town, and let me know if there's a pizza place that beats Davanza's. I'll scope it out and file a report.