Walking down Main Street with a friend of mine tonight, we popped into the Delta Lounge where he told me there was this rumor going around that U2 was to perform a set on a balcony off Main Street. We joked that this rumor was probably started by someone who thought it would be cool if, following the premiere of U2-3D (hottest ticket in town tonight, by the way) the boys would get up on some balcony and rock out the crowd below. Thus, this kid geeked out on someone, who geeked out on someone and -- whaddya know -- the rumor has now spread like wildfire. Tomorrow I'll hear that U2 is going to perform an entire concert in the bathroom at the Eccles Theater.

And what's up with this U2-3D anyway? Do we really need to see that much of Bono? I'm all cool with watching a rock concert in a movie theater (though the idea isn't too appealing), but who in their right f**king mind wants Bono screaming lyrics three inches from their face? Granted, I haven't seen it and do not know whether Bono does, indeed, jump into your lap while screaming, "Hello, Hello!" -- but, still, really? Do we need it? I don't know; it's late, I'm tired and I'm wearing an Anvil hat James brought back for me. We'll definitely let you know if there was a U2 performance on Main Street at some point throughout the night. Kim and Scott are now watching a screener of the Duplass film, Baghead. I cheezed out -- time to finally crash.