If you're someone who likes to delight in the perks and romance of Valentine's Day, you've got to plan it. When you don't, you might see a good time fall in your lap, or you might find yourself fighting hordes of couples and end up eating at McDonalds. I remember one year when I went out on an impromptu evening with a guy on that dreaded day. Since we didn't plan it first, we ran around trying to find a place to eat that wasn't booked, and then headed off for the movies, where the only flick that was wasn't sold out Blues Brothers 2000. Even my huge love for Joe Morton couldn't make me love that movie. Ugh.

So, if you plan to make cinema a part of your night, you're going to want to plan it. Maybe, instead of a saccharine romcom, you'd like some horror to snuggle up with. If that's the case, you might want to check out The Caretaker, when it gets released this February 14. It's just a little indie film, but it looks quirky; it has some funny bits; and what could be better to watch while eating conversation hearts than a horny Jennifer Tilly hitting on students and serial killers alike, or Judd Nelson being the protective dad?

The Caretaker focuses on a group of teens who want to scare their girlfriends during Homecoming, which just happens to fall on Halloween. To up the chills, they go to an abandoned house in a grapefruit orchard -- yes, grapefruits -- and are stalked/butchered by a real-life urban legend. If this sounds like it might be up your alley, and you aren't in Toronto to get a healthy splatter of blood at the reappearance of Evil Dead: The Musical, The Caretaker might be all you need.