It didn't win any Golden Globes, but Junostill reigns supreme. Jason Reitman's likable teen comedy made another $10.25 million for distributor Fox Searchlight, according to estimates compiled by Box Office Mojo. That works out to a per-screen average of $5,197 at 2,915 engagements. The box office take is down 24.7% from the previous week, which indicates continued good word of mouth; the film's cumulative gross in seven weeks of release now stands at more than $85 million.

Forget about 27 Dresses; the real perpetual bridesmaid is Joe Wright'sAtonement. The period romantic drama expanded by more than 300 theaters and maintained its solid performance for Focus Features. The film's weekend gross swung upward by 12.7%, resulting in a per-screen average of $3,686 and a cumulative total of $31.8 million.

Demonstrating that nobody in the general moviegoing public really cares about the Academy's best foreign film shortlist, audiences still flocked to Persepolis, giving it the highest per-screen average of the weekend: $9,366, in 30 theaters.

Paramount Vantage expanded Paul Thomas Anderson's magnificent There Will Be Bloodfrom 129 to 389 locations with good results; the film demonstrated surprising strength, averaging $8,023 per screen for a four-week total of $8.1 million. I say "surprising" only because of its subject matter and the length of its running time.

Poor Woody Allen. I generally agree with Jeffrey M. Anderson that Cassandra's Dreamis better than you might have heard, though I think it nearly falls apart completely at one point. There were barely 20 people at the 10:00 pm screening I attended on Friday night at its only Dallas engagement, but in other cities the reaction must have been better, as the film pulled in $4,682 per screen at 107 theaters in key cities nationwide for The Weinstein Co.