I'm right in the middle of a "heavy drama" movie marathon, and I seriously think I'm about to lose my mind. I haven't seen one comedy yet; one somewhat funny flick. All hardcore -- hardcore abuse, hardcore sex, hardcore violence, hardcore love. God. First it started with Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired (rape themes), then onto Dear Zachary (violence, murder themes), then to Incendiary (adultery, violence themes), then to Downloading Nancy (rape, sexual abuse, adultery, violence themes) and my marathon will conclude tonight with Choke (sexual addiction themes). Yeah. If it wasn't for James' hysterical impressions of me and my thick New York accent (last night Scott made him do Erik Davis interviewing Christopher Walken and we were in stitches), then I'm not sure I'd make it through this depressing streak of flicks.

Most common quote from festival moviegoers regarding films they've previously watched: "It wanted to be something it wasn't."

Most common quote from Cinematical's Scott Weinberg upon first meeting up with a fellow critic: "Can I ask you -- did you see The Wackness? WTF, man! Just because other people love it doesn't mean I have to f**king love that film."

James' favorite piece of overheard dialogue: "I'm glad I finally saw something I hated -- so far it's all been mediocre."

Check out pics from the Downloading Nancy premiere in the gallery below ...