In line for the world premiere of Smart People -- a new comedy-drama starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Dennis Quaid, Thomas Haden Church and Ellen Page -- at the Eccles center last night, some fellow line members were frustrated by how Sundance was handling the waiting process. Why, they asked, were ticket-holders outside in the cold, while the people hoping to get on the wait list were in a heated tent? It seemed fairly obvious to me: If you have a group of people who you're probably going to disappoint, it is kind to let them be warm. It's not just a way of avoiding hurt feelings -- it's probably a way of avoiding a riot.

My review of Smart People will be coming in a bit, but just to whet your whistle, I really liked it. The film is a committed and smart take on material that other films have handled with less brains and heart, and it also features Ellen Page in a great performance as a real teenager, not just as Diablo Cody's doppelganger-mouthpiece. Parker, Quaid and Church are all terrific, too. Director Noam Murro knew the score (and mocked how hype-happy Hollywood counts the points) when he was thanking his cast before the film: " ... and Ellen Page, Juno Schmoono ..."