It started snowing last night, a beautiful, fluffy snow, and has been snowing off and on all morning. I'm always amused by people griping about the snow -- I actually heard someone in line today saying, "I can't believe it's snowing!" as if snow is the last thing one might expect in a ski resort town in January. The shuttles continue to be an issue for a lot of people. Long waits just to get one and then sitting stuck in traffic while packed in all up close and personal with 50 or so strangers are making people a tad testy.

I don't mind the shuttles so much, but I swear, if I see another person text messaging during a screening, I'm going to go ballistic. Last night, I saw several people texting during both The Broken and Quid Pro Quo. This morning at Birds of America, the two guys next to me were texting non-stop throughout the screening. Look folks, there is nobody here covering Sundance who is really so important that they can't shut off their damn phones and stop texting long enough to watch an 87 minute movie. If you really can't wait to hook up your party plans for later, go out to the lobby.

Anyhow. Movie buzz: Polanski continues to get positive buzz, but David Poland thought it was overrated. Yesterday I saw Sleep Dealer (meh), The Broken (liked it, review will be out as soon as I have 20 minutes to finish writing it) and Quid Pro Quo (which I kind of liked, but it was a little weird). Interviewed Savage Grace director Tom Kalin and cast member Eddie Redmayne yesterday, and will have both that interview and my interview with Elvis Mitchell and Timothy Greenfield-Sanders up as quickly as I can get them transcribed. I was supposed to catch Sunshine Cleaning just now, but they ran out of seats and a bunch of press was left out in the cold. Hopefully they'll schedule a later screening in a TBA slot. Going to write for a while before catching Phoebe in Wonderland this afternoon, and then I'm interivewing the cast of Phoebe later. Variety's 10 Directors to Watch party is tonight, and I'll have a report and pics from that up later tonight or in the morning. Off to the movies!