I just saw Máncora, a Peruvian film playing in the World Cinema Dramatic Competition category. It's a fairly generic story of self-discovery, spiced up with some drugs and sex, but that's not what I want to talk about right now. Right now I want to talk about the subtitles.

Whoever wrote and edited these particular subtitles didn't do a very good job. They were filled with punctuation and capitalization mistakes, not to mention several typos. Mostly it was little things like casting "each other" as one word or omitting all the commas in a complex sentence.

A few made me laugh, though. One was misspelling "proposition" as "propostion." (Say it aloud; it's fun!) Another was "you're mother died," where it should be "your." Considering how often the opposite mistake is made online -- "your an idiot!" -- it was funny to see it the other way around.

But my absolute favorite? "They live in the dessert." Just think how delicious it would be to actually live in the dessert! That what be awesome.