• Suzanne Pleshette(1937-2008) - Actress (pictured) who co-starred in The Birds, Nevada Smith, Blackbeard's Ghost, Rome Adventure, The Ugly Dachsund, Support Your Local Gunfighter, Oh, God! Book II and The Shaggy D.A. She also voiced main characters for the English-language dub of Spirited Away and the direct-to-video sequel The Lion King II: Simba's Pride. She appears as herself in the documentaries The Last Mogul and Off the Menu: The Last Days of Chasen's. She died of respiratory failure January 19, in Los Angeles. (AP)
  • Bill Belew(1931-2008) - Fashion designer best known for creating Elvis' costumes, including his iconic jumpsuits. For this, he was credited as wardrobe designer on the 1970 documentary Elvis: That's the Way It Is. He died January 7 in Palm Springs, California. (Variety)
  • Bobby Fischer(1943-2008) - Chess Grandmaster who was the namesake for the film Searching for Bobby Fischer. He died January 17 in Reykjavík, Iceland. (NY Times)
  • Richard Knerr (c.1925-2008) - Co-founder of the company Wham-O, which created the Hula Hoop, without which there might not have been the movie The Hudsucker Proxy. He died after suffering from a stroke January 14, in Arcadia, California. (LA Times)
  • Frank Lewin(1925-2008) - Sound editor on Splendor in the Grass and The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery, music supervisor on The Angel Levine and composer of the score to The Plot Against Harry. He died of congestive heart failure January 18, in Princeton, New Jersey. (NY Times via The Classic TV History Blog)
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