I've been following the news about the upcoming Iron Man with great trepidation; I never read the comic as a kid, and as an adult I've become wary about any superhero movie where you can't see the character's face. (Might as well make it animated.) The casting of Robert Downey Jr. has me intrigued, though, as does the idea of Edward Norton as Bruce Banner in the new version of The Incredible Hulkthat's also due out this summer.

Comic book fans know that Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk joined forces as part of the Avengers starting way back in the day (i.e. the early 60s) and, with both movie versions rolling at the same time, rumors have been rife about a possible crossover of characters between the two. Erik Davis wrote recently: "It's obvious Marvel is hella serious about an eventual Avengers flick, and if all these rumors are true (including Sam Jackson in Iron Man as Nick Fury), then Marvel is definitely going about things the right way."

Now it appears that at least one of those rumors has been confirmed. William Hurt, who plays General Thaddeus Ross in Hulk, told MTV News on Friday that he has a scene with Downey as Iron Man. Hurt described the scene as "funky," though he couldn't -- or wouldn't -- say anything more about it. He insists that the new Hulk is "stylistically, a completely different film [from Ang Lee's 2003 version]. They just don't relate." Iron Man smashes into theaters on May 2, courtesy of Paramount; The Incredible Hulk stomps onto screens on June 13, via Universal.
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