Mermaids don't need cars, which must be the reason that Daryl Hannah is auctioning off her 1983 Chevrolet El Camino. And you can bid for it on eBay! Sure, it's not the same as having a car that appeared in a movie, but you'd still be buying a car that you can say was driven by Pris from Blade Runner. Plus, you can make a copy of that photo of her and the car and tape it to the dashboard. But why else might you want the thing? Well, it runs on biodiesel, which means it's better for the environment than whatever you're driving. Don't know anything about biodiesel? Don't worry: Hannah is throwing in a resource guide and a fueling station that's said to be about the size of a garbage can.

Apparently Hannah has been trying to sell the car for a couple months now, but this is its first time on eBay. According to, it wasn't a matter of not being able to sell the car; rather, she had too many inquiries and couldn't figure out a better way to make a deal than to auction the car off fair and square. You have until Friday evening to attempt to reach the actress' reserve, which must be more than $9,700.00, since that's the current bid as of this writing. So, what do you think? Interested? Then do as Roxanne, I mean Elle Driver, I mean Daryl Hannah says: "woo hoo! kick oil! no war required... 2 see more about bio-diesel + the el camino - ... go 2 ... so get up and get off the fossil fuels!!!"
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