Pickings are a bit slim on the indie DVD shelves this week, but here are three titles that sound like they're worth checking out.

"Instead of grousing or hand wringing" about its topic -- why the US government hasn't been able to locate certain war criminals -- Jeffrey M. Anderson said that The Hunting Party"becomes a spry, surprising and intelligent comedy." Richard Gere stars as a reporter who convinces his former cameraman (Terrence Howard) to join him in tracking down an infamous war criminal. Richard Shepard wrote and directed. The DVD features an audio commentary by Shepherd, deleted scenes, a "making of," and interviews with the journalists featured in the magazine article that served as source material for the film.

Laurent Tirard'sMolière "uses the titular French playwright's life as a jumping-off point for a fanciful tale of romance, duplicity, and acting, Acting, ACTING," according to Nick Schager. "What's missing, alas, is a greater sense of surprise that might keep the film from feeling somewhat rote." Still, it's hard to find eye candy that looks better than this cast: Romain Duris stars as the playwright; with Ludivine Sagnier and Laura Morante also featured. The DVD includes an audio commentary with the director and a "making of" feature.

If you're in the mood for an off-beat doc, Confessions of a Superhero (pictured) should cure what ails you. Our own James Rocchi says that the film examines four would-be actors making ends meet "by dressing as superheroes and posing with the tourists outside Graumann's Chinese Theater." (When I lived in Los Angeles, I always wondered about those people.) He felt that the film "never loses sight of pop culture or personal struggle, and sticks with you thanks to a careful mix of big images and small moment." The DVD includes a commentary track, deleted scenes and extended footage.