Dark Sky Films is one of a handful of companies making a habit of rescuing B films from obscurity and giving them fairly lavish DVD presentations. 1974's The Killing Kind is not a great film, but it's a well produced piece of psychological horror with a grindhouse era degree of sleaziness, and based on what director Curtis Harrington says in an interview on the disk (the one bonus feature included) more people are probably going to see the film through this DVD release than did during its brief theatrical run.

Terry Lambert (John Savage, who would later appear in The Deer Hunter) has just been released from prison after serving two years for sexual assault. He returns to his mother's boarding house where she eagerly takes him in, but there's something not quite right with Terry's relationship with his mum (Anne Sothern). He always calls her "Thelma" and never "Mom," and there's something disquieting about how close they are. Terry is carrying around a lot of anger over his incarceration, insisting that he was unjustly accused. Considering we eventually learn that he is impotent this would appear to be true, but that doesn't necessarily make him any less psychotic, and he's soon seeking revenge against the girl who accused him and the lawyer that failed to get him released.
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