It's funny how some actresses just seem to inspire the worst in critics; or in the case of Kirsten Dunst, she brings out the worst in just about everyone. I only ever seem to come across people who can't stand her. Ever since her kick-a** performance in Interview with The Vampire at the tender age of 12, she has been one of my favorite actresses; and I am even willing to overlook Get Over it. Variety reports that Dunst is in talks to star in All Good Things alongside Ryan Gosling. The period thriller is set in the go-go '80s and centers on a well-to-do young man (Gosling) who falls for a girl from the wrong side of the tracks (Dunst). When she turns up missing, a sleazy detective begins to uncover information that could bring our golden boy to his knees.

The film is the feature debut of documentary filmmaker Andrew Jarecki, who made his name as the director of Capturing the Friedmans -- a film that I can't recommend enough. News of Dunst's negotiations hit the Sundance circuit since she is in town promoting her directorial debut, Welcome. Gosling has already signed on the dotted line for Good Things, but Dunst is still in the middle of negotiations. The actress has already signed to star in Sweet Relief; the story of Marla Ruzicka, a relief worker in Iraq and Afghanistan during U.S. invasions; so, I would guess that if Dunst is planning on starring in Good Things as well, it is all going to come down to scheduling.
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