So, I've officially suffered my first major disappointment of the festival. The Mysteries of Pittsburgh is a fine novel by Michael Chabon, who went on to write Wonder Boys and The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay (one of my favorite books ever). When I heard Sundance would host the premiere of the film version of Mysteries of Pittsburgh, I was excited. When I heard it was being adapted and directed by the director of Dodgeball, I was ... still hopeful.

Alas, the movie is lifeless and flat. As our pal Scott Weinberg said on the way out, it's like they took elements from six generic indie films and slapped 'em into one flick. And the thing is, the book has those clichéd elements too -- disapproving father, sexual experimentation, etc. -- but since Chabon is such a gifted manipulator of the English language, the book is effective anyway. The movie, not so much.

The screening sure was packed, though. I guess I wasn't the only one looking forward to it. And from listening to everyone chatter about it afterward, I wasn't the only one disappointed by it, either.

If they ever do a Kavalier & Clay movie, and if it turns out as unmemorable as this -- well, there's gonna be trouble, that's all I'm sayin'.