For the past several days, my esteemed colleagues have been posting all sorts of LIVE! On the Scene! reports from up here in Park City. (Great stuff, fellas. Seriously.) But every time I run into Kim, Erik, Eric, and / or James (which is often because I love all four of 'em as passionately as I do platonically) I get an earful of something like this: "Go post a live from Sundance entry, you lazy jerk!" -- to which I generally reply "C'mon, all I'm really doing is seeing four movies a day, so how the heck should I make an interesting LIVE! post about that? Plus, I'm here to review movies, not coo at the sight of Kirsten Dunst in our hotel lobby." But then Kim / Eric / Erik / James will shut me up with "Oh, you're a freakin' writer. Go write. Crybaby."

So now! Live from Sundance! At 2:12 am in a freezing hotel room! It's Scott Weinberg, Live from Sundance! Yes, Cinematical's wackiest Jewish person, here to deliver a random selection of Sundance Musings. Enjoy.

1. Several of my colleagues from across the interweb (I'm talking about some very fine horror geeks from sites like, Film Threat,, AICN, and a few others) have called me insane (to my face and otherwise) for not love-love-loving a movie called The Wackness. Apparently I'm the only human being in all of Park City who didn't really dig the film, and now I am a pariah among the flick geeks. I'm sure they'll all forgive me for expressing my honest opinion about the film. Or perhaps I just don't know what I'm doing these days. I also liked The Bucket List.

2. When you look up a movie in the Sundance guide, you're greeted with a very articulate synopsis, a very thorough listing of cast and crew members ... and a running time that's nearly always DEAD WRONG. When you're a professional flick-watcher and you're trying to schedule four or five movies a day, it really does help to have a film's accurate running time. Today, right before a screening of the surprisingly good thriller The Broken, a festival volunteer came in to inform us that the film's running time was actually 88 minutes, and not the 110 that the guide stated. We all clapped rather enthusiastically at that news, because when you're seeing four or five movies a day, "88 minutes" is like a gift from the angels.