Imagine how happy your life would be if you forgot the last 15 years. That would mean you no longer had any memory of a certain nude scene in About Schmidt. But it would also mean you no longer have any memory of the rest of About Schmidt. Anyway, the reason I mention that movie is because two of its stars, Hope Davis and Dermot Mulroney, will be reunited for a film about memory loss titled Driving Lessons. Not to be confused with the British coming-of-age movie starring Harry Potter's Rupert Grint, this Driving Lessons is about "a troubled family who gets a second chance at happiness when the mother (Davis) suffers a memory loss and can't recall the last 15 years of her life."

That synopsis sounds a bit sad to me. It sounds like the family did something unforgivable to the mother but now they can celebrate thanks to her amnesia. Sure, Mom suffers, but at least they all have a second chance at good times. I guess memory loss is often the subject of laughs and duplicity. Think Overboard. Think 50 First Dates. Think Good Bye, Lenin! -- sort of. Don't it all just make you want to maybe knock your mother or girlfriend or a rich lady you want to pretend is your mom or girlfriend in the head in the hope she'll receive a blank slate? OK, well don't it at least make you want to watch another movie about something akin to that? Driving Lessons was scripted by Mark Lisson (Return to Horror High) and will be helmed by Finnish director Vivi Friedman. Shooting begins in March.
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