The Game Plan
So, The Rock plays Joe Kingman, a star quarterback delighting in money and game. Then he gets some big news -- a long-ago fling resulted in a cute daughter who is now 7 years old. Now he's got to trade in partying for play dates and ballet to become a good dad. It might sound a bit hokey, but as James Rocchi says: "it works as a pretty solid example of how the skillful execution of some of the oldest plays in the book can still get the ball to the end zone." Besides, it might be the perfect thing for families to pop in before the Superbowl. The kids should be happy, and then you can wait and see who will come out on top -- the Giants or the Patriots.

The DVD includes a good collection of features: bloopers with Marv Albert, deleted scenes, ESPN exclusives, behind-the-scenes featurette, controlling the mood lighting in Joe's apartment (I've no idea.. check it out and see...), "Peyton's Makeover Madness Set-Top Activity," and a "unique" commentary by The Rock and director Andy Fickman.

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Sydney White
It's family day on New DVD Picks of the Week! If your kids are a bit older, Sydney White might be more your style, or rather, theirs. A teen spoof on Snow White (once called Sydney White and the Seven Dorks), this flick stars Amanda Bynes as a girl who decides to change the social hierarchy of her college after getting banished from her late-mother's sorority. She winds up at a condemned house with a bunch of awkward frat boys and begins to shake up the system, and bring down the bitchy blonde girls. It's got Danny Strong going for it (Gilmore Girls & Buffy), but watch out for some wild stereotyping.

The special features, well, they're what you'd expect from this sort of movie -- deleted scenes, gag reel, a bunch of featurettes like "The Skooze" and "Kappa's Forever," something on the Rubix Cube, and meeting the dorks.

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