Based on the book by Chris Cleave, Incendiary follows a grieving mother (Michelle Williams) as she attempts to come to terms with a terrorist bombing that takes the life of her husband and young son. Some have criticized the book for taking advantage of the London bombings, however it was written before that attack and even arrived in bookstores on that same day. Bridget Jones's Diary director Sharon Maguire takes the helm here, bringing us a daunting multi-layered story that begins with a bang (no pun intended), but then slowly falls apart when it doesn't have time to tie up loose ends.

The entire film is wrapped around a letter our main character, an unnamed "Young Mother", is writing to Osama Bin Laden. During a football match, terrorists set off a number of bombs and crumble the stadium. At that exact moment, "Young Mother" is having sex with someone who is not her husband; a journalist named Jasper Black (Ewan McGregor) who she meets one night while feeling alone, deflated and emotionless due to her husband's long hours on the job as a bomb expert. But it's not just his job; he doesn't pay much attention to his wife at all -- he ignores her, never touches her and has seemingly drained whatever ounce of love was left between them.