Sylvester "Sly" Stallone brought boxer Rocky Balboa out of retirement in 2006, and shocked everyone by making a movie that was better than expected / feared. He'll try to do it again this Friday as his other iconic character, Vietnam vet John J. Rambo, storms back onto the big screen in the simply titled Rambo.

With the renewed heat generated by these projects, Sly has talkedrecently about his plans to remake 1974's Death Wish. Upon further consideration, I think it's a mistake for him to remake a movie featuring another actor's iconic character when he has so many more characters of his own that need to be sequel-ized.

Saying no to continuations of his characters in Rhinestone, Cobra, Over the Top, and Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot was easy. But here are my picks for seven other characters Sly Stallone can sequel-ize, along with suggested storylines. They're yours for the asking, Sly: after all, you've already given me so much!

1. Stanley Rosiello (The Lord's of Flatbush)

In the pre-Rocky days, TV star Henry Winkler was the big draw in a supporting role, but Sly stole the show from everyone, including ostensible lead, Perry King. Sly played a greaser who got his girlfriend pregnant and is forced into marriage. His change from confident thug to fumbling husband was touching. I'd love to see what's happened to Stanley. Flashbacks could fill in the decades as Stanley reminisces about his life when he hears about the death of a former fellow gang member. Winkler could show up for one of his patented extended cameos.
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