I must admit -- I was not a fan of Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey's How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. That being said, I like Hudson and McConaughey, and I like good romcoms, so I'm pretty curious about their next flick, Fool's Gold. The film stars McConaughey as Ben, a treasure hunter obsessed with a specific exotic treasure lost at sea in the 1700s. Hudson plays his estranged wife, Tess, who goes to work on Nigel Honeycutt's (Donald Sutherland) fancy yacht. When Ben finds a big clue about the treasure, he convinces Honeycutt to join him on the search, and rekindles things with Tess.

If a gorgeous locale and two alluring people aren't enough to whet your appetites, how about Sutherland, or heck, Ewen Bremner! Seeing that picture above, all I want to do is sit back, see what Sutherland made of this role, and drink a mojito. How about you?

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