It is heartbreaking enough when we lose a great actor like Heath Ledger. When the news comes through as chaotically as it did yesterday, though, it heightens the tragedy. We all heard speculation, rumors and inconclusive reports about Ledger's death Tuesday, and while some of it was true, most of it was not. On the morning after, things don't feel any more concrete, but we at Cinematical would like to keep you updated on what is confirmed and what is still not definitively known. Also, we'd like to share the statements made by family and friends, all of whom are in our hearts today.

The only bit of information that could really be corroborated last evening was the time of Ledger's death and that he was discovered in his bedroom (in his apartment, not Mary Kate Olsen's) by his massage therapist. Anything else you heard, whether it had to do with scattered pills or type of pills, may have been exaggerated. And until a medical examiner issues a certain cause-of-death statement, we can't even be sure if any pills were involved in the incident. So far this morning, we have learned that an autopsy performed on Ledger has been ruled inconclusive. The medical examiner's office also told reporters that the investigation into the death will take about ten days.
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