A quick post on what's been going on over the past couple days, before I delve into cranking out some more reviews. Today was warmer here in Park City ("warmer" of course being relative to "cold enough to induce frostbite in the time it takes to walk from the hotel to the shuttle"). We had gorgeous blue skies and a little reprieve from the snow, which has been pretty constant this year.

Yesterday I kicked things off with Fields of Fuel, a documentary about biodiesel and how it can save us from dependence on oil, while being cheaper and cleaner to boot. Later in the day I saw Pretty Bird, Paul Schneider's directorial debut, and then interviewed Schneider about his film. This was an interesting dark comedy -- quite funny for the first 2/3, and then it takes a major emotional nosedive in the last third, emphasizing the "dark" over the "comedy."