I'm not much of a stargazer -- seriously, I have no interest whatsoever in what famous people do outside of what happens between the opening and closing credits of a movie. At the same time, you do get these weird moments up here where you spot people in the street. Matthew Broderick was wandering down Main Street the other day; Robert Englund was at the corner of Park and Heber rocking a truly impressive C. Everett Koop beard, which I can only assume he's growing for a role.

I also rarely approach famous people, and when I do, I invariably wind up saying something like "Pardon me; I don't mean to trouble you, but I wanted to say I've derived tremendous satisfaction from your work." (This, of course, is assuming the prior statement is true; it's not like I'd walk up to, for example, Joel Schumacher and say that.) And earlier this week, I did something I've never done and asked an actor if I could snap their picture.

Wendell Pierce is here at Sundance as one of the actors in a short called Pariah, written and directed by Dee Reese; really, though, the reason why I wanted to get a snapshot is because I've been devouring The Wire throughout the past year, and Pierce plays Det. 'Bunk' Moreland. I asked Mr. Pierce for the snapshot, he said sure, and later on he and I chatted on a shuttle bus, and I was truly, sincerely, terribly psyched. The Olsens, the Hiltons, the Kardashians -- I couldn't care less. But give me a happenstance run-in with The Bunk, and I'm in heaven.