The Sundance deals flew fast, furious and early on Tuesday, but it took a bit longer for one in-demand title to close.

American Teenhas been hotly pursued since its first press and industry screening on Friday night. Nanette Burstein's documentary about four teenagers in their senior year of high school has been compared to everything from The Real World to Laguna Beach to The Hills. Hmm, wait a minute ... aren't those all reality shows on MTV? I think I'm smelling a theme. Yeesh!.

Anne Thompson of Varietyinitially reported mid-day Tuesday that Sony Pictures Classics had nabbed US rights for $1 million, but quickly amended the story as negotiations dragged on. When the dust cleared, Paramount Vantage was the victor, according to Ms. Thompson, paying $2.5 million * late Tuesday night to acquire world rights, excluding the UK. The price sounds high in a down market for docs, but the subject matter could give American Teen legs.

Filmmaker Burstein previously co-directed On the Ropes (Sundance 1999; about young boxers) and The Kid Stays in the Picture (Sundance 2002; about producer Robert Evans) with Brett Morgen, who made last year's Sundance opener, Chicago 10. Her current production is the result of 10 months of daily filming in one small town in Indiana. I hope the teens depicted in the film are ready for the increased exposure.

* UPDATE (5:24 PM): Ms. Thompson updated her blog post at some point after we posted this story; the sales price is now shown as $1 million.