If you're excited about the latest psychological thriller, Waz (or WΔZ), then be sure to watch that trailer above (courtesy of TerrorFeed.com). I'm not going to promise that you can see much, though. Really, it has got to be the darkest preview I've ever seen -- and I'm not talking about dark in terms of subject matter. I know my computer is facing a sunny window, and there's probably a good amount of dust on my screen, but still. A scary movie trailer shouldn't only be accessible to horror geeks watching from their black-curtained basement bedrooms. If I hadn't read the synopsis provided by HorrorMovies.ca, I wouldn't have had any idea what was going on. All I would have had to say was, "Stellan Skarsgard sure does look badass with a mustache," and "boy, Melissa George is even more easily confused for Rachel McAdams in the dark."

Now that I've gotten over the seemingly poor quality of the movie (or the trailer, at least), I recall that I was once pretty interested in Waz. Last May, when Ryan wrote about the film being picked up at Cannes by The Weinstein Co., he quoted George from his interview with the actress, and her description made the thing sound very intriguing. She called it a "genius storyline" dealing how humans are more willing to sacrifice a loved one for their own survival than other animals, who are apt to sacrifice themselves for the good of "the kingdom." Yeah, that sounds good, right? Too bad the end result looks more like just another Se7en knock-off. But of course, there is a chance that it is as good as George claims. Variety's Derek Elley called it a "mightily impressive feature debut" from director Tom Shankland and Cinematical horror expert Scott Weinberg wrote on another site that it's "solid" and "one of the best [serial killer flicks] I've seen in awhile." I guess it's just a bad trailer, then?