Universal has to be really hoping The Incredible Hulkis better received than 2003's Hulk, because according to Edward Norton, the 2008 comic book adaptation is expected to be the first of many. The actor talked exclusively with Total Film magazine and had this to say: "To me the whole thing was to envision it in multiple parts. We left a lot out on purpose. It's definitely intended as chapter one." (Quote retrieved from Ace Showbiz.) You may recall that Norton himself wrote the final draft of the screenplay for The Incredible Hulk, so he would know what was "left out." He could also be hinting that he means to write the sequels as well. But what happens if this version of the Marvel comic is not successful? Will it feel incomplete if it ultimately exists as a dead end?

It is hard to imagine just how much better The Incredible Hulk will be than Ang Lee's film, which really only failed because of a badly rendered Hulk and a truly awful climax. The title character will still be computer animated and the story could still have a disappointing denouement (we've never really witnessed Norton's writing skill before), and it's not unfair to say that Louis Leterrier is not quite as talented a director as Lee. Norton seems quite confident that he's going to deliver something possibly comparable to Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins in quality and tone, but it's easy for comic book geeks to be skeptical. Only 3% of Cinematical readers expect The Incredible Hulk to be the best comic book film of 2008. While that's not surprising since we've also got The Dark Knightand Iron Manto look forward to this summer, it still makes me wonder how many moviegoers expect The Incredible Hulk to be any good at all. So, I ask you:

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