Last night I had a chance to attend a party at the very cool Delta Lounge located on Main Street here in Park City. Gen Art and Delta were celebrating their second annual short films competition by throwing a party and awarding one lucky filmmaker with ten grand and two round-trip international plane tickets. Not a bad deal if you ask me. The film that won, Ctrl Z (or Control Z), was pretty damn funny. Basically, the finalists are narrowed down to five and then passengers on Delta flights (as well as online visitors) vote for their favorites. Ctrl Z featured the ever-so-funny Tony Hale (of Arrested Development fame) who, while working in his cubicle, discovers that by clicking the Ctrl Z button on his keyboard he's able to go back in time. Things escalate to a very hilarious conclusion, and we congratulate writer-director Robert Kirbyson on his win.

The host for the evening was actress Cheryl Hines, who you might remember from Curb Your Enthusiasm or last year's Waitress. She's also in a film called The Grand, which I loved, and kind of geeked out on her over. According to Hines, The Grand will finally see the light of day this March (fingers crossed). The party was hoppin', the drinks were flowin', and yours truly had a badass time. Check out our gallery below for photos from this event.