Here's one of the things you do a lot of at film festivals: Talk to people. In line while waiting for a movie, and then some more in the screening room, and then afterwards -- especially if you're a smoker. Like me. It was during one such chat session with James Rocchi and the lovely producer Jennifer Chikes that I noticed a semi-familiar figure standing not too far away. The young man waited until there was a lull in our conversation (and lulls don't occur all too often in conversations that I'm participating in), and then he stepped in to introduce himself.

"Hey, I thought I recognized the name. You're Scott Weinberg from Cinematical, right?"

"Yep!" (I shake the man's hand.)

"Hey, I'm John...."

And before he even got his last name out, I remembered his face. This was Jonathan Levine, director of the very cool horror film All the Boys Love Mandy Lane. Unfortunately for me (or so I thought), Mr. Levine is also the director of a highly-buzzed film called The Wackness ... which (as you probablyknowbynow) I didn't dig all that much.