Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian is almost here -- we've got just under four months until the Pevensie children galavant on the big screen once again. This time around, the kids have been out of Narnia for a year when they find themselves back -- 1300 years later. The Golden Age is gone, and the evil King Miraz is in control. Of course, they do what they must -- team up with Prince Caspian to get him back in the throne and restore Narnia's glory. I can't help but wonder: Would world peace be possible if you gathered together all of the literary, heroic children of the world? They seem to accomplish a heck of a lot.

The above picture comes from Cinema Blend, and you can head over there to see some battle scenes, and a Caspian close-up for you Ben Barnes fans out there. Prince Caspian opens on May 16.

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