I might love nature, but I'm really not a fan of camping. I prefer not having to worry about ravenous fangs tearing into me and my food. However, I always get amused by the newbies who jump right in. There's the person who, after a few tries at summer camping, went on a trip in the middle of winter, where they had to build an igloo of sorts to sleep in. They had a panic attack and left that night. Others have told tales of portaging for hours through torrential downpours, and even chasing hungry bears away. So, hearing about this new film, I'm thinking I should buy up a bunch of copies and give them to everyone I know who is about to go on their first camping trip.

indieWIRE reports that the Slamdance action thriller Crooked Lakeaka Portage has got a worldwide distributor in NeoClassics Films Ltd. Written and directed by Matthew Miller, the Canadian flick is "a coming of age story about four 14-year-old girls who encounter death and overcome extreme adversity on a summertime canoe trip to the north woods, where everything that can go wrong does." Yeah, "coming of age" is right. As the trailer shows, these kids have a heck of a lot more to deal with than the rain (although there is that too) -- especially the girl who goes along although she doesn't swim. (Bad choice of nights out, methinks?) The flick will get a limited release in June.
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