Sascha Gervasi wrote The Terminal for Steven Spielberg; Rebecca Yeldham has helped produce high-class adaptations like The Motorcycle Diaries and The Kite Runner -- so what are the two of them doing making a movie about a Canadian metal band that's been rocking since Ronald Regan was in office? Anvil! The Story of Anvil has been playing to standing ovations here at Sundance, depicting the lifelong friendship -- and lifelong struggle -- of friends and bandmates Steve "Lips" Ludlow and Robb Reiner, members of the obscure-yet-influential (and vice-versa) rock band, Anvil. Gervasi and Yeldham spoke with Cinematical about the long and odd genesis of their film, the terrifying Eastern European post-Soviet heavy metal fan base and how while Anvil! The Story of Anvil may rock hard, it's not just shredding to the converted. Gervasi knows the film's about a metal band, but " ... there's so much more, and that's what's been really exciting for us; people know it's going to be a fun experience, but I don't think they understand the real level of emotion."

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