If there is anything to say about this new flick, it's that it sure puts Buffy on the brain. The Hollywood Reporter has posted that the Slamdance film Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer has been picked up by Anchor Bay Entertainment for US distribution. So yes, first there's the whole slayer angle -- and while Buffy was called a vampire slayer, she pretty much slayed anything that was evil, so long as it wasn't human. To top that off, this flick deals with an ancient evil, which just makes me think of both Primeval, and Giles' Epiphany in Restless (you can hear it here, the first part of the clip). But enough fangirl...

This slayer is neither slight, nor blonde, and he is certainly not a girl (its Canadian actor Trevor Matthews). But, just like the cinematic Buffy had a big name lurking about (Donald Sutherland), this horror comedy has the nightmare man himself, Robert Englund. According to THR, the film is about "a teen (Trevor Matthews) who is haunted by the murder of his parents. As his rage builds, he accidentally awakens an ancient evil, prompting chaos in the vein of '80s horror-comedy creature features."

Want to know more? Back in September, RvB posted about the film's trailer, which he said: "includes cyclops, African witch doctors, filed-toothed maniacs and something that looks like an evil clown ... all scheduled to be battled with all the weapons in a plumber's toolbox." Hmm... Did Buffy fight all those years with the wrong set of weapons?
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