Welcome to another edition of Insert Caption! Last week we asked you to dig deep inside your playbook and give us your best captions for a photo from The Game Plan, which just hit DVD and stars The Rock as a tough football player who's assigned his greatest task yet: Look after the little daughter he never knew he had. Let's see ... sports, tough guys -- I wonder which topic was hot this week? Check out the winners below ...

1. "Haven't you heard daddy? Parents who do steroids have kids who do steroids." -- Adi B.

2. Rock: "I'm just saying that the Bratz movie had no real character growth and lacked a cohesive third act." -- Jonathan K.

3. "I can't keep skipping school to spot you Dwayne.Don't you have any other friends?" -- Aaron L.

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This week we're celebrating the 10th anniversary of You've Got Mail. That's right, before Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey became rom-com darlings, the top spot belonged to Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, who, here, reunited for the first time since stealing hearts in Sleepless in Seattle. The writers of our three favorite captions will take home one copy of the You've Got Mail 10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition DVD (good for those times when you like to read your email in bulk). So give us your best shot below and be sure to check out the You've Got Mail 10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition DVD when it hits stores on February 5. Additionally, you can check out an exclusive clip from the DVD over here.

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