(Written 5:32 PM, Jan. 24.)

Between the cold and the elevation, Park City is dry. You go from cold, dry air outside, to warmer dry air inside most of the time. Seeing as how I am used to the atmospheric humidity of a city that is surrounded by water at sea level, Park City's a fairly big shift. It's a lovely city -- I've yet to have a trip up here that wasn't made even more delightful by the courtesy of the city's residents -- but you can physically feel the air tugging the moisture out of you, and the electric heating in most places doesn't exactly help. I've had a couple of interviews this week in the glassed-in solarium/pool area of the Sidewinder Marriott, and I don't mind it when the subjects are running late here for one simple reason: It may have the grimly sterile scent of chlorine as an undertone, but it's the most humid place in the whole city. I'm waiting to do an interview there right now as I type this into my blackberry, and hey, let 'em run late; my eyes can use the break, and my skin can use the water.