As if the current cast for the upcoming action/heist movie Armored wasn't enough, they've just added a Hero to make things more tasty -- it's even the most powerful hero out there. Variety reports that Milo Ventimiglia has signed on for a role in the film. Now, before I go further, the reason I'm not mentioning the inclusion of Morpheus and a certain Professional, who are also listed in the Variety blurb -- those guys were already attached earlier this month, when I posted about Skeet Ulrich's involvement. So, as it stands now, the film features: Matt Dillon, Columbus Short, Fred Ward, Jean Reno, Laurence Fishburne, Ulrich, and Ventimiglia. Not a bad cast, eh?

The film, which is currently shooting in Los Angeles, focuses on "a young armored car guard who is persuaded by his veteran cohorts to empty a truck of its $10 million cargo." Now we just have to wait and see who the young guy is -- Short or Ventimiglia? I'd say the former, since Milo just signed on. It'd be sort of weird to have the main dude picked last. If screenwriter James V. Simpson delivered a decent script, and director Nimrod Antal sets this up right, this could be one sweet heist movie. If it doesn't come together, well, it'd be a shame, because this cast is just great.
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