Wow. You just don't expect to see a movie this awful playing at the Sundance Film Festival (even if a good deal of the film was shot in Utah). Truth be told, I don't expect to see a movie like this anywhere, but man oh man. I always try to think of something positive to say, no matter what the movie is, but this experience has defeated, deflated and depressed me. I'm actually a little irritated about it.

The flick is a very broad comedy called Adventures of Power, because the lead character is named Power. It's a waaaayyyy-too-late Napoleon Dynamite retread that would have been just as witless had it arrived two weeks after that overrated little hit. For the record, I have nothing against writer / director / lead actor Ari Gold; as a matter of fact, this movie was my very first experience with the guy -- despite the fact that he's already appeared in several indies and some award-winning short films. But going only by what I just witnessed in Adventures of Power, Mr. Gold is A) a plainly bland and lifeless director, B) a (gotta say it) pretty damn terrible screenwriter, and C) a lead actor with the screen presence of cottage cheese.