Ladies and gentlemen, Pacey is back! I don't care how far Joshua Jackson goes with his career, he'll always be Pacey -- lovable bad boy of Dawson's Creek -- to me. Pacey is starring in the new horror film Shutter with Rachael Taylor (the impossibly hot blonde computer expert in Transformers). They play newlyweds who start to see ghosts in their photographs. Spoooooooky! Rounding out the cast are a few more television stars -- John Hensley from Nip/Tuck, James Kyson Lee from Heroes, and David Denman from The Office. The film is a remake of the 2004 Thai film of the same name. It comes from the producers of The Grudge, and is directed by Masayuki Ochiai (Infection). The script was written by first-timer Luke Dawson.

MTV Movies Blog has the exclusive premiere of the trailer for Shutter, and it looks...pretty much like every other PG-13 horror movie to hit multiplexes in the past few years. They kick things off with that ominous camera snap from the trailer for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake. Then there's some Discovery Channel-style voiceover about "spirit photography," where images of the dead are caught on film. Some creepy "actual" photos, some whispered dialogue, a girl in a nightgown, Pacey making out with a dead chick, bada-boom-bada-bing. It all looks pretty standard to me. What do you folks think? Will Shutter make you shudder? Find out when it flashes into theaters on March 21st.