Am I the only one already wishing it was Friday? Alas, it's a new week, and here are some casting bites courtesy of Variety:
  • Texas Battle, who recently co-starred in Wrong Turn 2: Dead End, has a starring role in Hitting the Bricks, which just wrapped production. The Brian T. Jaynes-helmed film is about the Spanish Harlem music scene and focuses on the regular bits: ex cons, drugs, and sexy women. Aside from that role, he's also got a part in Dragonball. Now, if you're wondering about his name, he was born Clifton Quincy Battle in Texas, but I guess he decided to use his home state as a first-name to make it stick out more. Or, is there another reason? If you know, chime in below!
  • Marlene Forte, meanwhile, is boldly going to Star Trek. She's landed a role in the eagerly-anticipated J.J. Abrams' film as "Chief Transporter." There's no word, however, on exactly what she's transporting. Forte got her start in the crime flick The Bronx War, and has since had parts on shows from Crossing Jordan to CSI, and in films from Real Women Have Curves to Adrift in Manhattan.
  • Finally, actor Micah Hauptman has just finished production on Iron Man, and is now heading to the North Hills -- a film that he also wrote. There's no word on who he plays in the Robert Downey Jr. flick, but he'll play Caleb Kaufman in Hills, which focuses on a rising star with a self-destructive streak. According to IMDb's summary, he "returns home to find his family in decay," and the film "takes an unflinching look at two best friends from different worlds whose lives run parallel. Basketball is their language." Bit of trivia: Sylvain White was originally attached to direct the film.
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