She's getting into some duplicitous cinematic action with Clive Owen, but that's not enough for Julia Roberts -- she is already getting her next project lined up. The Hollywood Reporter has posted that she will be producing and starring in an adaptation of an upcoming novel by Margot Berwin called Hothouse Flowers, for Columbia Pictures. Roberts will be "a recently divorced woman who is dissatisfied with her job at a Manhattan ad agency and goes off on an adventure that takes her to places she never expected to go." Right now, there's only a plan in place, since the strike has the project sitting without a writer or a script.

Berwin is a writer from, which should give you an idea of how saucy her words can get. Back in 2005, she wrote a story about a man and woman who work in an office and, um, find some extracurricular activities to keep themselves busy. (You can read it here, and it's Nerve, so don't expect anything G-rated, or PG for that matter.) Whether this new work will have similar sauciness, we'll have to wait and see.

Roberts has been making some interesting choices with her career lately, from Closer to Fireflies in the Garden, so I'm hoping this will have a good, meaty twist to the "dissatisfied person discovers the world" theme. Unfortunately, we'll have a while to wait and see.
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