Had a busy last couple days here at Sundance. I caught four films on Friday: Alan Ball's Towelhead, American Teen (my fave doc of the fest), Good Dick and Sunshine Cleaning. Yesterday I saw Mia Trachinger's Reversion, an interesting science fiction-inspired flick about mutants who don't operate within linear time, and today I wrapped up my Sundance screenings with two award winners, Trouble the Water and Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired.

Last night the Yarrow Bar was hopping, so even though I was feeling like I was coming down with the nasty virus that's swept through the Sundance folks like crazy, I moseyed down to the bar to check out the scene for a while. It was like a Who's Who of Sundance there last night: Quentin Tarantino was on hand once again, resplendent in black tux pants and a gray shirt and being incredibly nice to all the fans who kept asking for photos with him.