Several days ago I wrote a lengthy little rant in which photographs were promised. (More than the ones Kim posted already, that is.) And since I'm actually back home* in Philly right now (and therefore clearly lying about the "live from Sundance" part), I figured now would be a good time to put together one of those nifty little "galleries" that all my colleagues love so much.

So here you go. Click on through for pics of me, Snider, Voynar, Rocchi and Davis -- plus some shots of our movie-nerd pals from around the interwebs. Even more pics will soon be available at the Fantastic Fest blog, because that's where Tim League plans to house all the goofier snapshots.

(* Oh, and my first movie after returning home from a fine (if unspectacular) visit to Sundance? Freakin' Meet the Spartans. Thank the lord for film festivals.)