Ah, now that Sundance is over (though our coverage will continue through the next day or so), I can finally get back to writing about things that mean something. Case in point: Harvey Weinstein is apparently so happy with the opening for Sly Stallone's latest Rambo installment that he's considering doing another one. Even though Rambo failed to take the number one spot at the box office this weekend (Meet the Spartans? Really America?), that won't stop Weinstein from gushing over the future prospects of our old man in the jungle. Deadline Hollywood tells us Harv feels Rambo will easily do $50 million domestic and about $100 to $150 million overseas. I don't know about you, but those made-up numbers certainly indicate a sequel is warranted.

Says Weinstein, "I like the idea of an older guy kicking ass. Maybe it's because I'm older, too." The big man also dished out a possible plot scenario should Rambo return once again to brutally mutilate tons of bad guys, noting that he'd be down with "bringing the character back to the United States." Yes, please -- and maybe this time it could be set in Central Park where Sly would face off against the Cloverfield monster. Now that's something I'd pay double to see. But what about you? Are you interested in seeing older guys kick ass on screen, or are you automatically attracted to much younger action heroes? And would you be interested in yet another installment in the Rambo franchise?

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